Jobs passed away today. And I don't know why, this melody keeps playing in my head ever since I saw that news.

I wanna thank you, for your passion, for your words that encouraged and inspired so so many of us you don't even know.

Thank you V,
for introducing and bringing Apple into my life.

Once thoughts changed, the world changed too.

Is this the reason I dreamt of you today?
So vivid, so real.

Jobs' death reminded me that we're just passing thru.

So, like he said, "If I'm going to die tomorrow, will I still be doing what I'm going to do today? If the answer's been no for too many days in a row, I know I gotta change."

Only do the things that make you happy.

Legacy that passes on shouldn't only be Jobs' Apple empire, but his passion, ideas, thoughts, and the spirits that is behind all of these.
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