These days I realized a couple of things.
1)Good intentions are not enough. You still need to do it in a fashion that pleases people. Otherwise, it won't work.
2)Criticizing is always easy. Take critism and handle it with care, and you grow.
3)You don't know you don't know. You never know until you're in that position.
4)You can make excuses. And you can make money. But you cannot do both.
5)Sometimes all you need is nothing but a paradigm shift. Change perspective, and things change greatly, if not totally.
6)Let your feelings be your guide. Find out your true passion and burning desire. Otherwise you're simply living other people's life, never yours.
7)Sometimes all you need to do is ask.
8)Questions are never questions. Listen carefully to find out.
9)What have you been thinking during the past month? Nothing in particular? So you get nothing in particular now.
10) Actions speak louder.
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