i must say i'm pretty silent these days.
in this pursuit of dreams, sometimes it's better to keep those tiny voices inside.

sometimes though, i really miss the days we spent together. and i know that'll be the source of all my power, everlastingly propelling me forward.

"victims blame, victors learn." this sort of saying keep showing up in my life. and the more deeply i observe people, the more truly it ranked true. always.

my younger brother got married last week. to this day, it still seems so unrealistic. suddenly i'm the only single person in my whole family. not knowing what to do and not really tense either, i give myself the title of the LEAST eligible bachelor..lol.

a couple of days ago, i phoned my mom. but it was my sister in law that picked up the phone. "hello?" i said. "hello," she replied. "hello?" i said again, trying hard to recognize how the heck this woman was. for a moment there, i thought i had the wrong number. after a few seconds it dawned on me that the girl speaking on the other end was my sister in law. what an freaking idiot i am.

days never cease to move quickly. sometimes i do want to press the pause button and everything gets still.

then i can take a deep breath and go on.

this journey.
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