This evening I went to see My Goodness, an original musical produced locally by quite a talented ensemble.
The ticket cost me 350 NT. So I think I'm gonna be honest. And brief.

*Actors and actresses are quite good, especially 呂佳絃, who outshines all the other casts. And 郭耀仁 too, is outstanding.
*Some pretty hilarious scenes.
*Daring attempt in creating an original musical. Very brave.

And....regretfully, the good part is over.
What I don't like about the play:
*Way too many change of scenes that it gets really annoying and makes the whole flow of play everything but smooth. The rhythm of the play is completed lost. What's the point of such frequent change of scene if a pleasant, smooth flow isn't felt at all?

*After reading the introduction of the story, I had great expectation about how they're gonna bring out the discussions and critique of the social value. From the printed introduction I believe the topic is going to be quite deep: identity with the local culture, culture invasion, humanity.

After watching the whole play, however, I feel an awful lack of in-depth discussion/ presentation throughout the whole play. This disappointed (pissed?)me greatly.

*The lead actor keeps questions about true meaning of life, value of life. To me it's just some meaningless grumbling and whining. (Well, everyone's entitled to do so though.)

*The songs are nice. And that's it. Simply nice. The only memorable tunes is the one done by the witch, but it's not original, it's from Into the Woods.


I have to say I'm not really entertained. But honestly, I'm quite happy to see this, knowing that there are many people fighting hard to achieve their dreams in theater. And this alone, is really worth encouraging.

加油!Kudos to all who worked damn hard making theater a reality.

Here's the link to the troupe's blog
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  • My views are a bit the same.. 換景太多無法連戲, 有些地方可以處理更諷刺些 歌曲部份 音樂OK但歌詞似乎還有進步空間....

    我還蠻喜歡保全人員監控旅館那邊 以及紐約交通的處理方式

    但可惜美國幫小孩沒有演得很入神啦 感覺仍然只是我們東方人所capture到的片面印象 (尤其都塗黑了 至少該來個黑人accent吧)...

    不過學妹演的還不錯 有把12歲稚氣傻傻的感覺表達出來 哈哈 只可惜Witch的部份導演應更下點工夫 將她導向"12歲trying to play witch" instead of "an actor is playing witch" 我覺得那邊是女主角心態改變(得到認同)的重要轉折點 更應該細雕....

  • 同意同意,我也喜歡紐約交通那邊。



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